AI customer engagement
AI sales force management
  • Ensure and continuously improve the performance level of your agents
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    High turnover rate and high cost of training is no longer a headache The high turnover rate has always been a problem for customer service industry. The followed-up questions can include high cost of training and limited effects of training. Our intelligent training system can help you to ensure the standardized training effect with less costs
    Empower to improve the performances of agents continuously This is a platform that you can use to continually improve based on results of training and working performances of your agents. When combined with our data insights from intelligent quality inspection, we can help to turn the targeted areas of improvement for each personnel into intelligent training system to create even greater outcome
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  • An easy yet effective way to train
  • Standard curriculum Closely match with the training needs based on 20 years of experience in customer service industry
    Set different training modes to train different stages as well as needed skills
    Integrate with customer service work scenarios and increase skills in multi-dimensional ways
    Provide multiple teaching methods to comprehensively enhance the service capabilities of customer service agents
    AI interactive training Imagine to train your newly recruited agents or agents with further training in a ''real life setting''with no harm to your business and no complaints from customers. By pre-programming training materials in our interactive training section, it can simulate real-life interactions with a potential customer
    Learning at anytime and anywhere Our system can offer the maximum flexibility to your agents. No matter where they want to learn or when they have to time to learn the materials, all they need to do it simply logging in online and start, continue or review their training materials. At the same time, as managers, you can fully understand their progress of learning
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  • One-stop for all your training needs
    • Personal Profile
    • Class management
    • Skill management
    • Learning map

    • Customized learning path
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  • Customized learning path
    • Online interaction & offline
    • Discussion panel and study forum
    • Live Q&A and interactive training
    • Homework & Tests

    • Training mode setting
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  • Training mode setting
    • Training points collection
    • Training points consumption
    • Skill medal
    • Game incentives

    • Motivation tactics
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  • Motivation tactics
    • Project evaluation
    • Course evaluation
    • Position evaluation
    • Capability assessment

    • Intelligent evaluation
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  • Intelligent evaluation
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    Client case
    One Banking Institution The customer service center of our banking institution customer has been faced with the dilemma of high customer service agent turnover rate and the resulted high training cost. The intelligent training service helps our customer to upgrade their training center in two aspects: the overall personnel planning and personal ability improvement. Through on-site training, online live / recorded broadcast, AI interactive training and other forms, our intelligent training software and services can help our client to improve their customer service ability and quality, shorten the training cycle and cost of new employees, and also create a platform for old employees to grow. The turnover rate of customer service center staff is significantly reduced, personnel management is more reasonable and efficient, and customer satisfaction is effectively improved as a result
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