AI customer engagement
AI sales force management
  • Empower you call center from cost-centric into value-driven
  • Improve customer satisfaction · Always online and make sure you will never miss any client
    · With real-time agent performance monitoring, we will provide data insights for you to optimize management as well as service level
    Increase value of per customer · Manage your clients intelligently to increase customer satisfaction
    · Analyze clients' real need based on data insights and find out more business oportunities
    · Expand your brand influences as well as your company influences
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  • Transform your customer service
  • 智能路由策略.png
    Intelligent Routing Strategy
    Unified intelligent routing can allocate assign services according to the principles of customer service workload, VIP customers, recent contacts, round robin, regional routing, skill value, etc., and find the most suitable customer service in no time
    Human/Robot Collaboration Service
    Provide a variety of business process standards to allow robots and human agents to collaborate seamlessly to improve service efficiency; it can also be independently set to manual service mode or robot service mode
    Multiple Deployment Methods
    Flexible deployment methods, including public/hybrid/private cloud etc, with high securities, high availability and high scalability
    Customer Engagement Hub
    Collaborate channels, customer management, products, marketing content and other resources to design customer interaction strategy for each or a group of customers at the most optimal time through the most suitable channel and content
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  • A Closer Look—what our cloud call center software service can provide
    • Our intelligent IVR services can help to reply and provide guidance to customer's preliminary questions and only transfer the complex questions to human agents

    • Intelligent IVR technology
    Intelligent IVR technology.png
  • Intelligent IVR technology
    • Our intelligent quality inspection can monitor the performances of the agent at any time, promptly remind the agent to optimize the service content, and improve the quality of customer service

    • Intelligent Call Monitoring
    Intelligent Call Monitoring.png
  • Intelligent Call Monitoring
    • In addition to traditional telephones, you can also use WebRTC voice; with no need to apply for a phone number and to configure a relay, you can simply apply an account and the service is ready to go

    • Web RTC voice services Audio
    Web RTC voice services Audio.png
  • Web RTC voice services Audio
    • Users can initiate a call or video connection to customer service agents by scanning a QR code or clicking H5, poster, web page, etc.; we also support multi-party audio and video services

    • Audio and Video Services
    Audio and Video Services.png
  • Audio and Video Services
    • Our intelligent ticketing system can initiate multi-channel ticketing cross the organization and automatically carry all the communication information and flowing path history

    • Intelligent Ticketing System
    Intelligent Ticketing System.png
  • Intelligent Ticketing System
    • Our system can automatically generate multi-dimensional reports based on customer communication content, basic attributes and other data insights etc. for you to better understand the overall performance of your call center

    • Multi-dimension data reports
    Multi-dimension data reports.png
  • Multi-dimension data reports
  • More Functions
    • Support multi-route management
    • Routing time rule
    • Routing skill settings
    • Intelligent Routing
    Intelligent Routing.png
    Intelligent Routing
    • Time condition
    • Regional conditions
    • Voice message
    • Voice Navigation
    Voice Navigation.png
    Voice Navigation
    • Support multi-route management
    • Routing time rule
    • Attribution rule setting
    • Queuing Strategy
    Queuing Strategy.png
    Queuing Strategy
    • Remote agent
    • Enter information at any time
    • Automatic pop-up
    • Call Popup
    Call Popup.png
    Call Popup
    • Queue report; IVR report
    • Incoming and outgoing reports
    • Satisfaction&Outbound Report
    • Data report
    Data report.png
    Data report
    • Incoming&Outgoing call record
    • Business records; Ret-visit plan
    • Missed call management
    • Record management
    Record management.png
    Record management
    • Transfer to other agent
    • Forward to another call
    • Extension function
    • Call Forwarding
    Call Forwarding.png
    Call Forwarding
    • Multiple channels initiate tickets
    • Mobile tickets access
    • Various ticket templates
    • Ticketing System
    Ticketing System.png
    Ticketing System
    • One-click transfer of client calls
    • to the pre-set phone number
    • music setting; voice notification
    • Phone switching
    Phone switching.png
    Phone switching
    • Import and distribution history
    • of customer data
    • Customize customer profile
    • Customer Information Management
    Customer Information Management.png
    Customer Information Management
    • Quality inspection
    • Real time monitoring
    • Voice broadcast
    • Quality Inspection
    Quality Inspection.png
    Quality Inspection
    • Knowledge base
    • Personal address book
    • Custom form
    • Value-added Functions
    Value-added Functions.png
    Value-added Functions
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    Client Case
    Central South University The private cloud call center we built for Central South University has proven to have strong availability, high security and stability. The media switch, control center, transfer server, core business system and other facilities are all used independently by the university. Based on our call center system, the integrated platform of "Central South University hotline" is able to provide student support services very conveniently on a 24/7 basis, which empowers Central South University to improve their services for students at all levels
    Central South Universitylogo.png
    Central South University.png
    Beijing Municipal Postal Administration We help to ensure the high efficiency, stability and service level of Beijing Postal Administration’s complaint hotline from system deployment, call distribution, channel coordination, data analysis and quality inspection. By applying our cloud call center solutions, Beijing Municipal Postal Administration established a convenient, high-quality and efficiency public service communication platform and can response as well as solve citizen needs quickly. Very importantly, with the data insights generated, it can also have a better grasp of the overall operation of its logistic services as well as industry development.
    Beijing Municipal Postal Administration logo.png
    Beijing Municipal Postal Administration.png
    Chaoyang Real Estate Affairs Registration Center We apply intelligent technology applications based on our cloud call center to all stages and scenarios of real estate registration consultation, smooth the service path of government hotline, improve the service efficiency of government hotline, optimize the service process of government hotline, and create a "sunrise model" ( homophonic of chaoyang in Chinese) for real estate registration. It helps the citizens in Chaoyang district to enjoy a more efficient service for their real estate, land and housing consultation.
    Chaoyang Real Estate Affairs Registration Center logo.png
    Chaoyang Real Estate Affairs Registration Center.png
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