AI customer engagement
AI sales force management
  • A breakthrough of telemarketing
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    Inhance working efficiency Say goodbye to going over your ''never-ending list'' of potential customers one by one, our AI bots can help you to filter out the real potential customers and let your agents to focus on the the high-value tasks
    Increase success rate Big data analysis could help to conduct preliminary classification your potential customers' needs, and provide you with important data insights that could empower precise marketing and induce high success rates
  • A closer look of our intelligent telemarketing services
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    Predictive dialing robot
    Our patent predictive robot can automatically filter out invalid calls, save the connecting time with effective calls for agents and transfer the picked up phones to the next available agents with designed algorithm
    Human/robot collaboration
    Our AI voice or text Chatbots can serve as virtual agents to help screen out real potential customers, predicts customer intentions, and then seamlessly transfer the customer as well as data insights to human agents for further interaction
    Multi-channel and media cordinatation
    We can support you to deliver cross media content to cross channels to your customers
    Intelligent outbound routing strategy
    The outbound routing allocation process can be flexibly formulated according to business needs, customer importance, customer service agents’ skills and other factors
    Cloud-native technology support
    All our products and services are based on our self-developed cloud computing structure, which empowers us with flexible scale-out capabilities and high tolerance of failures and default, and supports ultra-large-scale concurrence capabilities.
    Full Stack Capability with all source codes controlled
    Our whole telemarketing services are all self-developed with source coded controlled, which could provide high security and controlled costs for you
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  • Smart outbound dialing
    with proven records of increased efficiency
    • Our system can automatically conduct outbound calls, screen numbers, filter out invalid calls, and only transfer the successfully connected calls to human agents

    • Predictive outbound dialing
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  • Predictive outbound dialing
    • After importing the phone number for configuration, our system can automatically make calls in batches and improve the dialing efficiency through human-machine collaborations

    • Batch outbound dialing
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  • Batch outbound dialing
    • Our system can selectively dial with the prepared lists of customers to provide more precise services

    • Preview list outbound dialing
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  • Preview list outbound dialing
    • We support all outing calls via Internet virtual phone, with high customer privacy protection and can significant reduce communication cost. This service can be run on PC and mobile phones.

    • Soft phones
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  • Soft phones
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    Customer Case
    China Guangfa Bank The intelligent telemarketing system empowers the digital transformation of intelligent telemarketing of China Guangfa Bank by making their credit card marketing more efficient and precise.With our cloud infrastructure, we are also able to support high concurrence of agents for Guangfa to support their business expansion. The average new order of credit card center users of Guangfa bank has increased by 20% on average, and the per capita output value has increased by 35%. The per capita output value of the sales personnel who use the customer intention detection system has increased by more than 200%.
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