AI customer engagement
AI sales force management
  • Elevate your customer experience in all ways
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    Omni-channel engagement By supporting all sorts of different channels such as call center, WeChat, Weibo, webpage, APP, mail, message, SMS and others, we can help you to provide a constant and proactive service exepriences to your customers
    Human/robot collaboration The most cost-effective way to make 24/7 customer service possible, to ensure your customer service level and improve customer satisfaction rate
    Multi-dimension data insights We are here to help you make the mass data generated through everyday's operation truly meaningful to optimize your customer services. The data insights we provide include but not limited to agent utilization rate, queuing time, manual missed calls, customer satisfaction rate, etc.
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  • Patented Innovative Technologies,
    Human/robot Omni-Channel Interactive services
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    Patented Technologies
    Our patented technologies includes patented cloud computing agent multi-skills and distribution method, patented precise area image recognition contact, etc.
    Human/Robot Collaborative Services and Traning
    We ensure that human agents and robots can not only work together, but can also be trained together to provide consistent customer services and to broaden the knowledge bases
    No-code Development Platform
    Our no-code development platform is flexible by deisgn and contains pre-coded microservice modules and packages,which empowers our developers to bring you creative ideas and needs alive in no time
    Cross-channel Engagement Capability
    By embedding omni-channel capability, we can help you to engage with your clients at any stage efficiently
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    Client Case
    One banking industry customer With our omni-channel customer services, our bank customer has established a new generation of customer service platform through the omni-channel cloud customer service. By integrating multiple channels such as telephone, wechat, microblog, web page, app, applet, etc. and unifying one single view of customers, our system can support to provide human/AI chatbot collaboration services to engage the customers with personalized experience at any time and anywhere. At the same time, through the customer service quality inspection and education function, the bank can comprehensively monitor and manage the customer service agents' performance and continuously optimizes the service quality and management level. After using the omni channel cloud customer servic, the overall efficiency of bank customer service center is greatly increased. The service efficiency is improved by 30%, and the labor cost is reduced by about 50%.
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