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    Take care of most of the questions 24/7 AI cannot fully replace human labor. We care about how to make AI Voice Chatbot to better team up with human agents to create greater outcome. Our Voice Chatbot can solve most of the questions from customer 24/7 and only forward the tough and complicated ones to the human agent, which can help you to decrease 80% or above of labor cost and increase 200% of efficiency
    Be the best co-worker with human agents Our chatbot can work side by side with human agents by translating agent's voice interaction with clients into text, and automatically provide pre-prepared scripts or tactics for human agents based on key words captured
  • Powerful technologies in speech recognition,
    speech synthesis and semantic understanding
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    Speech recognition Our LC-BLSTM-DNN/LFR-DFSMN hybrid model can reduce the error rate by 30% compared with the traditional method; the LFR decoding technology can increase the decoding rate by more than 3 times and formulates exclusive models for specific fields to optimize recognition
    Speech synthesis Accumulated wealth of industry lexicons
    Ensure natural and expressive synthesized sounds with Top MOS score in the industry
    Support different types of voices such as standard male and female voices, gently sweet voices etc, as well as dynamic adjustment of speech volumn, speech rate and pitch etc.
    Semantic understanding Our NLP semantic understanding technology has strong natural language understanding capabilities. Through dialogue segmentation, intelligent word segmentation, multi-dimensional feature extraction, it can perfectly achieve anthropomorphic interaction, quickly understand dialogue text, and analyze customer intent on different business scenarios
  • More functions we have
    • Professional communication strategy for agents and live speech synthesis that enable chatbot to quickly identify and respond to customer problems, and communicate with customers like real people

    • Smart AI Voice Chatbot reply
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  • Smart AI Voice Chatbot reply
    • After simple setting of the model, our chatbot can intelligently receive customer consultation; it can also actively perform outbound call services with the imported customer data in batches at the set the time and frequency, etc.,

    • Model for AI Voice Chatbot operation
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  • Model for AI Voice Chatbot operation
    • In addition to simple notifications and automatic replies, the chatbots can also launch multiple rounds of conversations according to different business scenarios and intelligently handle relatively complex problems

    • Multi-dialogue conversation capability
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  • Multi-dialogue conversation capability
    • All interation content is automatically recorded and accurately converted into text, which can be easily viewed by the enterprise, and it is convenient to provide further services to customers

    • Automatically record information
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  • Automatically record information
    • After the call is completed, an analysis report will be automatically generated to classify and analyze text normalization, word segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, semantic disambiguation, etc.

    • Automatically analyze data
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  • Automatically analyze data
    • We can help you to accurately categorize customers, analyze customer needs in different business scenarios, and set priorities of potential customers based on the level of their desires to better foster greater business outcomes

    • Customer classification
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  • Customer classification
    • For common business consulting questions, after setting up the reply model, the Chatbot can automatically reply through keywords and relevant infomation

    • Smart reply
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  • Smart reply
    • After the customer enters the question, the chatbot can automatically interact with the customer with pre-set database , complete dynamic optimization with each interaction, and guide the customer to choose a more specific question

    • Smart navigation
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  • Smart navigation
    • Through preliminary questions and answers, the chatbot can automatically send out other related questions and services according to the machine algorithm for more accurate services

    • Smart suggestion
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  • Smart suggestion
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  • More use scenarios
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    Smart IVR
    With smart IVR, customers can quickly reach to the right customer service agent by interacting with our voice Chatbot's navigation instead of listening to all the irrelevant information
    Smart Collection
    Mainly used in the financial industry to remind customers to repay in time through voice notification. It can be set as a simple notification or multiple rounds of dialogue to improve collection efficiency and reduce labor costs
    Online customer service
    It can be used in online customer service for websites or apps by providing a 24/7 customer service to end-customers with less cost and more efficiency. What's more, it can help to create multi-dimension customer persona and anticipate customer intention based on each interaction for behavior prediction and personalized suggestion
    Service Notification
    No matter it is when the customer's membership expires,when the enterprise package changes, when new products launched or when preferential activities are available, the voice chatbots can help to notify customers for follow-up business activities
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    Client case
    One logistic company Our customer has used our AI voice Chatbot to increase the shipping efficiency as well as customer experience by leveraging synthesized or real human voice Chatbot to send simple notification or carry out single/multiple rounds of dialogue with customers, to confirm the best shipping time or drop off location to the customer.
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    One e-commerce customer In today's world, it is very important for e-commerce enterprises to quickly and accurately respond to consumer demand. In the past, our e-commerce enterprise customer has been using manual customer service and could not provide services to their end customers at any time. This shortcoming together with other problems such as long waiting time and unstable emotions of human agents had led some lose of potential customers. After applying our AI text Chatbot, the cost of customer service can be reduced by more than 50%. Simply by configuring the knowledge base and service model, our Chatbot can automatically reply, guide and recommend products for customers at anytime. The service efficiency is greatly increased, and the customer satisfaction and evenue have been significantly improved.
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