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    Significantly increase of quality inspection efficiency With pre-set quality inspection models, our system can take care of 100% all the inspection, recording and run data analysis by itself, which could help to largely reduce labor cost
    Higher compliance level and lower compliant rate With real time quality inspection our system could help you and your agents to identify any compliance violation and emotional problems of agents that could potentially harm your business and agitate your customers within 10 mins
    Multi-dimension data insights Automatically generated multi-dimensional reports can help you to better monitor and understand the current as well as trend of performances of the overall team as well as each one of your personnel. The data insights can also empower you conduct more targeted improvement plan and training courses to enhance the overall performances of the team
    Dig deeper of potential business opportunities Generate insights of all the contents that are available through your customer interaction, either during sales or customer service process, to form customer persona as well as find out more customer needs
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  • Multi-dimensional recognition with
    100% automatic coverage backed with strong technology
    • Leveraging ASR and technologies such as dodecoding technology, our system can quickly convert voice messages or recording into text and supporting multi-language as well as dialect recognition

    • Voice recognition
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  • Voice recognition
    • With our self-developed NLP technology, our system can accurately extract the core keywords, performs intelligent matching with the knowledge base, accurately understand the conversation content, and find problems

    • Semantics recognition
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  • Semantics recognition
    • We can use silent recognition, speech recognition, speech rate recognition, emotion recognition, etc. to determine the emotion fluctuation of the agent, such as staying positive or changing into angry etc.

    • Emotion recognition
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  • Emotion recognition
    • We can support you to create quality inspection models and quality inspection items according to your changing business needs or requirements with 100% coverage

    • Task based quality inspection
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  • Task based quality inspection
    • Our AI quality inspection system can analyze massive data, generate customer preference maps, tap more business opportunities, and conduct trend analysis and risk warnings on company services and products

    • Customer preference map
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  • Customer preference map
    • The quality inspection model can penetrate into the interactive scenes, understand the text according to the context logic and content, and then interpret the intent of customer communication and customer service's quality level

    • Context Conditional Expression
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  • Context Conditional Expression
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  • Leading technology to support timely and multi-model inspection with ultra-large scale concurrence capability
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    Strong voice recognition
    Language recognition Dialect recognition
    Ultra-large scale concurrence
    Multi inspection model concurrence Ultra-large scale of personnel quality inspection concurrenc
    Decoding technology
    LC-BLSTM-DNN/LFR-DFSMN mixed model LFR decoding technology
    Multi-interface support
    Can be embedded in any third-party system Support third-party system access
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    Zhong An Insurance Our intelligent quality inspection replaces the traditional human inspection mode of Zhongan Insurance. It supports 100% coverage of automatic quality inspection with proven records of efficiency increase and labor decrease. At the same time, our intelligent quality inspection helps Zhongan insurance to make sure that agents will know their compliance violation in 10 mins and therefore they could correct it soon to avoid potential harm to the business and decrease the rates of customer complaints. What's more, with the data insights, our intelligent quality inspection also can give the management team a holistic view of the performances of the agents as whole or on an individual base, which empowers them to carry out more targeted improvement plans.
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