AI customer engagement
AI sales force management
  • Help to solve the problems of high sales/agents turnover rate, low training efficiency and poor team performance
  • Interactive training with AI Chatbot with your real business settings Tackle the problems new agents might face even after regular training such as lack of enough product knowledge and having difficulty delivering messages clearly to customers
    Manage the interactive training results with a quantitative view The traditional training methods such as online classes and written examinations can not ensure whether employees truly master the knowledge and are well prepared to engage with customers. Our interactive training can help you to find out the key problem points during training in real business settings, which could increase training efficiency and effectiveness
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  • Applicable for both sales/customer services scenarios
  • Sales training · Help imitate real business scenarios by training with a virtual customer with your prepared scripts and selling process to help newcomers quickly accustom to your working standards
    · Support setting your selling processes and key points according to different business scenarios
    · Help you to find key areas of improvement to increase training effectiveness
    Customer service agent training · Helps your customer service agents to master your prepared scripts and service processes of common reception or after-sales service
    · Conduct multidimensional evaluations for you to have a better view of each agent's training status and help you to reorient areas to improve the customer service agents' ability for better business results
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  • Key functions for our interactive training platform
    • Upgrade the traditional offline or online coaching into human vs. Chatbots online interactive training, break the time and space limits and improve training's overall effectiveness at a low cost

    • Human vs. Chatbots training
  • Human vs. Chatbots training
    • Introduce your real customer engagement scenarios into your employees' training to stimulate training interest, and to make training much more fun and targeted for your agents

    • Real business scenarios practice
  • Real business scenarios practice
    • Get a full view of the training results to understand how each one of the sales/agents is performing based on the training recording and multidimensional data reports

    • Quantitative view
  • Quantitative view
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    Client case
    An international leading enterprise Due to the rapid expansion of the sales team, an international leading company faced problems such as high turnover of personnel, difficulty in getting new employees on board, high training costs, few training teachers, and high training pressure. Infobird's intelligent pairing robot helps the company realize intelligent pairing training. Through robot actual combat drills, newcomers can quickly master marketing techniques, processes and ideas, fill in the vacancies of personnel loss, and ensure the continuous and high-speed development of business. The Infobird intelligent pairing robot can be used repeatedly for a long time after the dialogue practice is set up, which reduces the training cost of the company, relieves the training pressure, and provides a new way for the company to build a high-execution marketing team.
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